Day Five

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Although the day started off very overcast and cool, our meteorologist’s forecast was correct with the cloud burning off around 1100. In the morning we hosted our supporters at the club for a morning tea and introduction to gliding. Pilots grid squatted for a couple of hours and aided by a sniffer they got away shortly after 1300. Only three competitors needed to return for a relight, but all three classes got away inside a good weather window. It was a very tough day, at many points the racers did not think that they would get around the course, patience was key. In the 18m most of the competitors finished very close together with a split of 53kmph- 56kmph for the top 8. Half of the Standard class finished whilst only one Club class pilot, Edita Sklaskienne, finished their task. Fun was had by all at the International Night where teams brought food and drink from their home countries to share.

Preliminary Results 


1st Edita Sklaskiene – Lithuania

2nd Klara Teichmannova – Czech Republic

3rd Carol Marshall – Great Britain


1st Anaïs Gaubert – France

2nd Aude Untersee – France

3rd Ayala Truelove – Great Britain


1st Mélanie Gadoulet – France

2nd Jane Nash – Great Britain

3rd Anne Ducarouge – France


Full preliminary results can be found on Soaring Spot:



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