See the Action at the Women's World Gliding Championship


The WWGC2022 organisers have reached out to potential competitors and two of them, Olena and Valentyna, aspire to take part in the World Championship. We have already arranged gliders for them with help from UK pilots and are in the process of finding camping equipment for their stay, so now we are looking for help to cover other costs. Click this link to go to our fundraising page.

The 11th FAI Women’s World Gliding Championship

13-27 August 2022, The Gliding Centre, Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire

See the world’s top sportswomen race their gliders over 14 intense competition days and thousands of kilometers to become World Champion.  Watch the mass launch of up to 100 gliders, follow them on live race tracking. It’s a great family day out with fun gliding-related activities for the kids, air and ground displays and street food stalls.


You can share their world…

Learn to harness nature’s awesome power using just the sun and the wind to soar like a bird.  Your journey to flight will INSPIRE you and change your attitude to life itself.  To learn to fly is to GROW – as you learn to handle the aircraft, you grow your knowledge of nature and science and gain confidence, resilience and team-working skills.  Take your place in the worldwide pilot COMMUNITY


See the world from a different perspective…



Hi, I’m Liz Sparrow, previous British Gliding team member and now Competition Director of the Women’s World Gliding Championship at The Gliding Centre, Leicestershire in August 2022. We are hosting this competition, gliding’s equivalent of the Olympics, to inspire people, particularly women and girls, to experience the sport and community of gliding, and to help women already in the sport grow their ability and enjoyment.”

Liz, speaking on gliding at a recent International Aviation Women’s Association Conference, explains why she is so passionate about involving more women in the sport:

“When every decision you make in the air has consequences… when every flight pits your abilities and experience against nature and gravity… when you must rely on yourself but also be open to learning and gaining information from others…I think it changes your attitude to life itself… All women should be able to experience this.”  Liz Sparrow, WWGC2022 Competition Director and DfT Aviation Ambassador

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