Who’s Who at WWGC2022?

Our ‘Who is who’ series introducing the WWGC2022 competition and team starts today! First up is our roving reporter Amelia Richardson.  Amelia will be quizzing the team in future vids and finding out how a gliding competition works and who is making it happen at...

Engineering students take to the sky!

WWGC2022 team member Rob Barsby is inspiring engineering students at the International Air and Space Training Institute (IASTI) Newark by letting them experience aerodynamics in practice including looping the loop! Read more here!  

WWGC2022 on Air Sports News!

Click here to watch WWGC2022 Championship Director Liz Sparrow telling Air Sports News presenter Regan Tetlow about gliding competitions and our plans for the contest at The Gliding Centre in August 2022.

310 Days to WWGC2022…

Greetings from Team WWGC2022 to all pilots and team captains, 

we are really looking forward to welcoming you to HusBos next year! 

Airspace for Gliding Competitions

Are you a Competition Airspace Officer? Thinking of helping out in future competitions? Or maybe you have just wondered how comp organisers liaise with other airspace users to keep everyone safe and happy during comps?  This session on Tuesday 22 June from...

Countdown to the Opening Ceremony