Day One

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The weather could not have been better for day one of the Women’s World Gliding Championships, with 10,000 cloud bases and cumulus cloud streets all round, local pilot Claudia Hill said “I’ve had a day like today once in the last 24 years that I’ve lived here in the UK”. The classes were set 3h and 3h30m AATs around the South West of Husbands Bosworth, most of the pilots finished with above average distances and in the 18m class the top pilots flew within 20km of the max distance and still finished just 3 minutes over AAT time. Everyone reported their biggest difficulty was not breaking the FL 100 airspace. The energy on the field was ecstatic when the pilots returned home reporting of 6 knot average climb rates and 130-140kmph cross country speeds.

Preliminary results are as follows:

Club Class
1st Claudia Hill – Great Britain
2nd Aude Grangeray – France
3rd Klara Teichmannova – Czech Republic
Standard Class
1st Cornelia Schaich – Germany
2nd Judyta Czyz – Poland
3rd Aude Untersee – France
18m Class
1st Katrin Senne – Germany
2nd Stefanie Mühl – Germany
3rd Mélanie Gadoulet -France

See the preliminary scores on Soaring Spot:

And check the full album gallery of photos out on Facebook:

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  1. Richard Chapman

    Well done Claudia Hill Fantastic Effort
    Fantastic Day.


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