Day Seven

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It was a festival of flying and fun at The Gliding Centre! Visitors got more than they bargained for with two grid launches and landings. Mel the weather man said that with the Welsh mountains creating wave there could be tough rotor around. The grid got away smoothly but shortly after the final launch, the field starting floating back down to earth. Half the sky had overdeveloped with rain showers and the other half turned blue, even the tug pilots had reported how difficult the flying was. Soon with everyone back on the field, the competition director Liz Sparrow decided to cancel the Club class for the day and switch the 18m and Standard Classes to their task C’s. The first leg was very tough, in standard class there was a lot of deviation between the teams but they all arrived at the turn point together. With good energy lines over the rest of the course it was an easier run home. In the 18m class they found the task easier with the ability to push into the wind, the thermals out on the course were 3-4 knots all the way up for them. Back at The Gliding Centre there were a lot of spectators enjoying the flying, market stalls, food trucks, glider simulator, winch demonstration and full orchestra playing as everyone took off.

1st Cornelia Schaich – Germany
2nd Sabrina Vogt – Germany
3rd Christine Grote – Germany

1st Alena Netusilova – Czech Republic
2nd Anne Ducarouge – France
3rd Mélanie Gadoulet – France

See the full preliminary results on Soaring Spot:

And check out all the photos here:


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