Day Eight

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All still to play for half way through the competition, with very tight points on the leaderboard all three classes still have the chance to mix it up. Although it was forecast today to be similar conditions to yesterday – with rough weather and high winds – it really cleared up nicely to be a fine soaring day. It wasn’t without its challenges, the two AAT sectors were both amazing and awful depending on the timing that you were going through. With 6 knot thermals and 4500’ cloud base in some zones and the complete holes in others, today had a lot of luck involved. Back on the ground we had Suzanne Morgan and Mandy Hickson give inspirational speeches to the crowd gathered at the open day. They shared stories from their aviation careers – Airline Captain for British Airways and Tornado GR4 pilot in the RAF respectively. It was fantastic to host the local community at The Gliding Centre for the open weekend and we hoped they enjoyed it as much as we did.


1st Alena Netusilova – Czech Republic
2nd Katrin Senne – Germany
3rd Hana Treslova – Czech Republic


1st Jana Veprekova – Czech Republic
2nd Sabrina Vogt – Germany
3rd Christine Grote – Germany


1st Elena Fergnani – Italy
2nd Paula Drazul – Argentina
3rd Aude Grangeray – France

Full preliminary results here:

Check out the day’s photos here:


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