Day Nine

by | Aug 22, 2022 | News | 0 comments

An impending front with high winds tipped the race director to cancel the club class early and just grid 18m and Standard with the chance to do minimum distance tasks in a short weather window. 1145 the grid began launching into a quickly changing sky. The first half of the race was under the sun with some stronger thermals present. The pilots were pleasantly surprised with the good conditions in such a short window. The race really came down to having a good start and nailing the final glide. It was a spectacle watching over 10 pilots in standard class all arriving back at the field within two minutes. Due to the minimum distance it wasn’t a 1000 point day so the overall leaderboard didn’t shift a lot. Tomorrow is looking similar but a tiny bit warmer so the chances for another short racing window are high.


1st Aude Untersee – France
2nd Ayala Truelove – Great Britain
3rd Francesca Roberts – Great Britain


1st Astrid Galaret – France
2nd Jana Treslova – Czech Republic
3rd Hana Treslova – Czech Republic




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