Day Ten

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A low and messy day for all, there were those who climbed away from 500 foot and those who didn’t. The course was switched to B task on the grid to make the most of the good weather in the East. Upon being launched, all three classes struggled in their dropzones. Although launching began at 1230, it was 1540 before the final pilots got away through the startline. Landouts ranged from 15km after the start to 3km before the finish. The pilots who could make a clean getaway really extended in the East, it was only 2500 cloud base near the airfield but increased at the far end of the task. Once most of the landouts had returned to the club we partook in a quiz night. With the final day of competition on Friday, we will have a closing celebration on Friday night with food stalls, music and an aerobatics performance by AeroSPARX, tickets are available online:


1st Ines Engelhardt – Germany
2nd Ulrike Teichmann – Germany
3rd Valentina Toporova – Ukraine


1st Cornelia Schaich – Germany
2nd Dana Novakova – Czech Republic
3rd Jana Veprekova – Czech Republic
3rd Barbora Moravcova – Czech Republic


1st Alena Netusilova  – Czech Republic
2nd Jana Treslova – Czech Republic
2nd Hana Treslova – Czech Republic




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