Day Thirteen

Hugs all round on the final day of racing here at the Women's World Champs! The day started off with low developing cu's but gradually the cloud base raised high enough to make cross country flying feasible. With tight points in all three classes, everything was to...

Day Eleven and Twelve

Bad weather has scrubbed our last two days of flying. Instead the pilots participated in welly wanging - a british tradition of throwing a wellington boot (rain boot/ gumboot) as far as possible, the German team came out on top with good consistency. The tow pilots...

Day Ten

A low and messy day for all, there were those who climbed away from 500 foot and those who didn’t. The course was switched to B task on the grid to make the most of the good weather in the East. Upon being launched, all three classes struggled in their dropzones....

Day Nine

An impending front with high winds tipped the race director to cancel the club class early and just grid 18m and Standard with the chance to do minimum distance tasks in a short weather window. 1145 the grid began launching into a quickly changing sky. The first half...

Day Eight

All still to play for half way through the competition, with very tight points on the leaderboard all three classes still have the chance to mix it up. Although it was forecast today to be similar conditions to yesterday - with rough weather and high winds - it really...

Countdown to the Opening Ceremony